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May 3, 2021 Cabinets

Installing Recessed Medicine Cabinet in a Bathroom

Recessed medicine cabinet – First, draw an outline on the bathroom wall where you want to install medicine cabinet.  Scan the area outlined with a stud finder for finding studs inside the wall. Cutting a 4 x 4 inch square on both sides of the study, by means of a keyhole saw. Removed space drywall from the wall, so you have two square holes. Shine a flashlight into the holes and check for pipes or electrical wires that may be on your way. Cut it in the direction of the outline you drew earlier and remove the entire piece of drywall.

Use a hacksaw blade to cut through the nails holding the stud to the adjacent wall. Wrap the blade in duct tape and use it as your wand. Cutting stud out of the wall with your hand saw. Make sure to cut the stud is flush with both the top and bottom of the drywall. Place 2 x 4 board into the wall horizontally to create a frame for the recessed medicine cabinet. Push the board in the bottom of the frame. Mark where the board meets the bottom of the stud you cut. Header size. Repeat for the other side of the stud. Connecting wood studs inside the wall with wood screws.

Repeat the steps above for the top of the cabinet. You will have four pieces together, two to the bottom and top. These pieces will provide a solid framework for the cabinet. Install the medicine cabinet in the hole in the wall. Apply a layer of caulk where the cabinet meets the drywall to cover any gaps. Your recessed medicine cabinet in a bathroom finished.

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