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February 18, 2021 Subway

Its Unique Matte White Subway Tile

Matte white subway tile – His transfer to the interior of the houses allowed the evolution of his design something that, in practice, materialized in the generation of a universe of possibilities. Retro atmospheres, industrial, vintage atmospheres … Today, its unique character serves to decorate all kinds of styles offering color versions, different sizes, beveled or smooth, with gloss or matte finish …

For short stays, for example, opting for the classic matte white subway tile with a shiny finish is a good formula to enhance the brightness and make the space look bigger. Another decorative option has to do with the use of the joints and is that, if we opt for beveled pieces, creating chromatic contrasts with them is a perfect way to add a personal imprint to the spaces. The decorative possibilities offered by the subway tile are as wide as the individual tastes of each one.

Clean, economical and durable, the presentation card of matte white subway tile could not be more conducive to take them into account in the design of the kitchen, one of the rooms in which its use is more widespread. In an environment subjected to constant racking and particular conditions of temperature and humidity, choosing a coating like this is a perfect way to combine practicality and aesthetic appeal.

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