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October 23, 2020 Furniture

Kitchen Chalk Paint Furniture DIY

Chalk paint furniture DIY – Make Art, write notes, doodle – you can do all this and more by painting your kitchen walls with chalkboard paint. When you apply a coat of this color can transform your wall into a virtual board. You can write on the wall just like ordinary blackboard in a classroom. There are different ways to incorporate chalk paint furniture DIY in your kitchen. Be creative with your color.

One wall projects

Painting an entire wall in your kitchen with chalk paint furniture DIY. By doing this, you give plenty of space to write notes, draw – also make a monthly calendar. You also give your child a chance to experiment with art at their own level. Since the whole wall is painted with chalk paint furniture DIY, have your little ones not to reach for their “canvas”.

Countertop projects

If you have wood countertops, then convert them into lateral blackboard using chalk paint furniture DIY. You can keep a bowl of colored chalk on the counter for easy access. Blackboard countertop can be lightly wiped with an eraser or a soft, damp cloth. You can quickly write grocery lists, appointments and other information on the countertop.

Over-the-Bar project

Paint the wood compartment underneath your kitchen with chalk paint furniture DIY. This is a good option for families with children. While cooking, your children can experiment with their art – as long as they are old enough to use chalk – by landing on the floor below the. You can keep an eye on them, and they can be engaged in mind-stimulating activities.

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