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February 3, 2021 Furniture

Kitchen Concrete Bench Diy

Concrete bench diy – Cut your forms to the shape you want. For the legs, make up two 16-by -16-by24 boxes by cutting plywood to this size and screw it together using wood screws. Make sure that the boxes have bottom will have five covered sides and one open to pour concrete and insert again bar. Strength boxes of 2-by-4 timber on the outside if needed. You can make the boxes forms any size, but make sure that they are proportionate. Build the seat box in the same manner.

For example, space if you want kitchen concrete bench diy to be 48 inches long and 6 inches thick, cut the forms for this size and screw together. You will have five covered sides and one opened, like the legs above; it does not matter which side is left open. Mix the Portland cement with sand. Use half a bag of Portland cement to eight scoops sand. About 2 liters of water and mixed with a hoe. The mixture should be in accordance with the pancake batter. Add a concrete stain to the wet concrete mix-although you can stain the concrete after it has dried, the powder will stain all concrete and will never fade.

Butter the inside of forms with lard-this will prevent the concrete from sticking to the forms. Pour concrete into the forms and press the sides of the forms with a hammer to remove any bubbles. Replace the bar in forms, but make sure that the re- bar is not touching any of the wooden forms-this will cause the re-bar will be exposed when the forms are removed. Allow the kitchen concrete bench diy to dry for 24 hours and remove forms. If any defects in the concrete, so rub them with sandpaper. Apply a gloss finish to the concrete and collect them in your kitchen.

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