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June 2, 2021 Subway

Large Subway Tile Decorative Plans

Large Subway Tile – It can be decorative or plain, from almost any material and can gather many colors in the design of the kitchen at the same time. Because there are numerous options for materials and styles with the back wall, there are also many configurations for tile designs. Let the size of the tile and help form dictate what you use in your space. Combine rectangular and square tiles into a basket weaving pattern, use two sizes of square tiles in step patterns or cut smaller tiles into larger tile corners for octagon patterns and dots.

Take multiple shapes and sizes of rectangles, circles, and squares and combine them into a random mix to create design-type arts and crafts. Not all tile dashboards have to use tiles that are 6 inches in size or smaller. New large subway tile is manufactured in sizes up to 24 square inches. You can use the 12-inch tiles on the back wall; place a complete tile next to the counter with a half tile on the top.

Change the design of the next row, and place the entire tile below the cupboards with the half tile at the bottom. For a contemporary effect with few lines of grout, install 18-inch square tiles on glass, metal or fabric prints. Or create an updated large subway tile effect with tiles in sizes of 4 x 12 inches or 12 x 24 inches.

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