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Backyard Patio Ideas DIY

January 29, 2021 Outdoor

Learn More Ideas Bat House Diy

Bat house diy – In general, if colony is placed on roof or eaves of house, it is very likely that it will not cause discomfort, and we will be able to live with colony without any inconvenience. However, it is advisable to take certain precautions such as not touching excrement accumulations and, if they are very abundant, remove them with a mask to avoid inhaling dust; In case of bat manipulation, always wear gloves.

If a high number is observed during spring or summer, it is most likely a breeding colony, which will include adult females and their offspring. Pups are usually born in June and during first 3-4 weeks are not able to fly, so they remain constantly inside bat house diy. For this reason it is advisable not to expel a colony in months of May, June or July, since although we manage to expel some specimens, females will tend to enter later to look for their young.

In those months, a plastic can be placed hanging like a curtain or tube (it will be enough to pass crack 10 or 20 cm), in front of crack of exit of bats. This plastic will let bats out, but will not allow them to re-enter, and in this way we will make sure that specimens leave shelter. After two or three days, we can check crack at dusk to check that bats do not come out, and in that case, we can cover bat house diy crack with any material (wood, insulation foam, etc.) that definitely prevents entry of new bats.

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