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March 6, 2020 Redwood

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Redwood siding has been used for hundreds of years and are very long when well maintained. These natural materials require regular maintenance in the form of paint or cleaning, but it is also easy to repaint. Wood siding can be reused and recycled when removed and are available in several different types.

Hardboard redwood siding is made of a material formed from ground wood, pressed between two hot, slippery surfaces. The result is a natural bonded material with a smooth surface on one or both sides. Fibreboard sold under the trade names Masonite, Hardy Plant, Metro and several others. The resulting material is very heavy, but also strong and durable. Fibreboard often used in panel and lap siding and can be prefinished or primed for subsequent finishing.

Shakes and shingles are small, individual pieces of wood attached to the exterior of a building in the same manner as conventional shingles are attached to a roof. These overlapping pieces of wood are often used for housing with a rustic appearance. Shakes are smaller than regular shingles, and are traditionally made of cedar. Cedar, redwood siding, and other rot-resistant wood shingles do not require painting. Shakes and shingles made from other woods require periodic applications of paint to keep them from deteriorating.

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