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October 18, 2020 Designs

Little Giant Step Ladder Ideas

Little giant step ladder – Sometimes when you work at home, you cannot find a reliable surface for supporting a ladder. On these occasions, use a stepladder to complete the task. Construct a simple ladder to complete your daily tasks and easily access hard to reach places. Stairs fold, so you can transport them easily. Because you can use ladders inside and outside of work, they become a necessity for most home projects.


Angle each 48×4-inch section x1 page. Start in the center of each page, and create a 30-degree angle from the center to the inner side of the board. On each page section, measuring 8 inches from the bottom and make a mark, then measure out 1 inch and make a mark. Repeat the entire length of each side.

Mount each ladder. Apply a small amount of wood glue in each slot on one side, and insert a step. Repeat with the second ladder, and nail each step with three spikes on each side. Nail hinges into place and connect the opposite little giant step ladder. Attach a hinge set to both sides of the steps of a stronger and more reliable grip.

Attach the top of a ladder to the top board. Apply a thin layer of wood glue to cut notches on only one ladder, and push the stile in line with the center mark. Nail the top card on the spot. Nail at least two nails in each side of the ladder upper base. Opening and closing the little giant step ladder to secure the hinges work properly.

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