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Subway Tile Backsplash Decorating Ideas

January 20, 2021 Subway

Look Fresh Green Subway Tile Color

Among its main features, it should be noted that these are hygienic and durable tiles that also have a simple installation. If we add to this the elegance offered by its design, we understand why green subway tile have never been removed from the catalogs of ceramics, becoming now one of the most used coatings for bathrooms and kitchens. Both areas of the house are surrendered to subway tiles in walls and floors and the classic format of 10 × 20 cm is also recovering other simple shapes and geometric measurements such as tables and hexagons.

All these green subway tile options are perfect to achieve a clean and bright aesthetic, in which other decorative elements stand out. Some natural details of wood or plants can be an ideal combination to create warmer and more welcoming environments counteracting the cold effect of ceramics.

Green subway tile in square versions , we can play with more or less large sizes depending on the effect we want to achieve. In addition we can experiment with its disposition : if we place them in a completely symmetrical way as a grid we will get a more orderly and static space while if we want to break a bit with the monotony and obtain a more dynamic result we can place one over the other in an alternating way .

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