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December 11, 2019 Mosaic

Look Pretty Moroccan Mosaic Tile Style

Moroccan mosaic tile is a very recognizable decorative style that is inspired and takes influences from the culture and customs of the Middle East, perfectly adaptable to Western decoration. In fact, although almost all its elements are used throughout the Arab world, it is known particularly as Moroccan style, perhaps because of the proximity to Europe of this North African country and Mediterranean climate.

This style, with an exotic and mysterious touch, rich in materials, textures and colors, is characterized by certain complements and clear patterns that mark the decoration. Reds , oranges , sands … Typical Moroccan mosaic tile colors of the desert and the earth are used in walls and furniture. Also, why not, the greens and blues, for their proximity to the sea, the sky and contact with nature. In general, it is a colorful style reminiscent of the bazaars, the spices, and the multi-colored

Moroccan mosaic tile style loves the color and that translates into the decoration. Even so, it is also possible to adapt it to neutral environments where white and silver or metallic tones combined or not with dark wood, predominate. Horseshoe arches, pointed, tumid, lobed, fantasy … The Arabic decoration is full of arcades that you remember the mosques. They can be used both in headboards and in separations between rooms.

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