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April 23, 2021 Cherry

Lovely Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Cherry blossom wallpaper – In early August, the city in Japan celebrates the flowering of cherry trees. The ephemeral beauty of the flowers lasts a few days, but it’s inspiring. “The tree grows to about 4 m, but to get smaller and larger in diameter, pruning is welcome.”In a year, it begins to bloom and reaches 60 cm in height.” The cherry blossoms give the air of grace for about 20 days a year in the months of July or August.

Cherry blossoms give the air in Brazil and Japan. And the beauty of the flowers lasts a few days, but it is inspiring. But don’t worry if you not stay in Brazil or Japan.  If you feel the desire to have cherry blossoms in your home, the cherry blossom wallpaper will beautify your home year-round.

In addition to symbol of love and beauty, the cherry blossom wallpaper is a metaphor for life, beautiful and fleeting. The flower is also the emblem of the Samurai, whose lives were as short as the life of the flowers after blossoming. It is said that the cherry blossom, which lasts only three days, teaches us to enjoy life as it “blossoms”, not forgetting that everything lasts a short time. Wallpaper cherry blossom great option for redecorating any corner of your home.

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