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October 19, 2020 Furniture

Make Tops of Bathroom Vanity DIY

Bathroom vanity DIY – Making your own bathroom vanities is a way to be creative in the bathroom. Place the backer board over the top of the vanity and trace around the vanity transfer size up to the backer board. Use the hole saw attached drill to cut out holes for plumbing fixtures.

Spread the waterproof membrane over the top of the bathroom vanity DIY, which covers up the plumbing holes too. Place the backer board over the top of the vanity, plumbing holes in the backer board is in place to match those of vanity. Set out tile design on top backer board, from V-cap tiles around the edge. Space the tiles with tile spacers to the joints.

Apply a 1/8-inch layer of thin set to the backer board, starting at the back of bathroom vanity DIY. Apply thin set on the edge of the backer board and vanity top and set the V-cap pieces in place last of all. Sweep the grout in the joints of the vanity top tiles with grout float. Fill all joints except the holes around plumbing. Apply two coats of tile and grout sealant to the tiled vanity top then leave to set overnight.

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