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May 6, 2021 Designs

How To Make Towel Ladder

How To Make Towel Ladder – Both a visually interesting and practical innovative piece of bathroom furniture, a towel ladder a basic wood design shaped like an ordinary stepladder, but attached to the bathroom wall. Towels hung on the rungs, maximize storage and drying space. Building a towel ladder is much like building a normal ladder, but without the same extra-strength structural requirements

To make towel ladder use tape to cut four dowel pieces, 20 inches in length each. Cut two 6-foot sections of 2-by-2-inch boards on the table saw and angle one end of each plank. Set the angle of the table saw blade cut at a 45-degree angle from the saw table (rather than the standard 90-degree position). Saw an end of each long plank, which will allow the top of the ladder resting against a wall and extend downward at an angle. Measure and draw two straight lines in the middle of the planks. These will serve as a guide for attaching rungs to the middle of the ladder.

Place the towel ladder shape on the floor of the assembly. Ensure that the angled ends of the plank are aligned and parallel. Place the four pieces of the plug between the planks, which run them perpendicular to them. Add any dowels at least a foot and a half away from the other and place the lower plug (on the end opposite the angle cut on planks) at least two meters from the ground. Screw rungs in place of the screws from the outside of the planks in the center of the dowels. Attach all plugs on one side to one of the planks before screwing in any of the plugs on the other side. Sand the wood into planks with a power sander. Grind dowels by hand to wrap the sandpaper around them. Stain and varnish or paint the wood as desired.

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