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March 9, 2021 Others

Make Wood Ladder for Dock

Ladder for dock – If you build your own doll, you know that you have to allow a bit of height for the water level to rise and fall according to the tides, or other conditions. The difference in water level can sometimes be large enough that the only way you can get in your boat with your dignity intact is a dock ladder so you can climb down properly, rather than making an abrupt jump of the boat from the end of the pier.

Make ladder for dock, use your measuring tape to measure the distance between the height of your dock and the water at low tide. Adding to 3 feet in this measurement and mark the length of 1 by 4 inch boards. Use your circular saw to cut 1-by-4 inch boards to this length, forms the crossbeam of the dock ladder.

Ladder for dock, measure 3 feet from the top of each side of the railway and make a mark at that point. Measure down from the mark on each side of the railroad, to make another mark every 14 inches to indicate where a tread is to be mounted. Lay two cross member on the edge, parallel to each other, with their tops too. Count the number of treads you need. Use your circular saw to cut the 2-by-4-inch boards in that many pieces, each 24 inches long.

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