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Make Wooden Gun Cabinet Makeup

Wooden gun cabinet –  First, measure the space where you want to have the gun cabinet. Second, mark required panels of the cabinet on the plywood plates using the measurements. Draw two identical panels for the front and rear, measuring the height of the width. Use the square ruler in order to ensure that the corners are even. Third, cut saw the gun cabinet panels using the table. You just want to remove splinters, do not change the shape and size of the panels.

Fourth, create a rectangular box frame. By making the level of an even frame and the cabinet clamp to hold the frame in place. Hammer nails by securing the side panels on all four corners. Fifth, apply a line of wood glue on the back of the wooden gun cabinet and place it firmly on the inside of the cabinet on the rear panel. Fix the wooden gun cabinet with small screws and a cordless screwdriver.

Last, attach two door cabinet hinges to one of the sides of the cabinet door. Use of the screwdriver and the screw suitable for the hinges. Line the cabinet door to the gun cabinet frame with the level in order to ensure the door evenly arranged on the frame. Attach the other side of the hinges of the side panel of the box using the screwdriver and screws. Open and close the door to make sure it is smooth confirmed. Close the door of the wooden gun cabinet and the line-up of the lock hinge on the opposite side of the door hinges. Attach the hinge slot in the same manner as the cabinet door hinges.

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