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May 29, 2020 Bedspread Designs

Make Your Own Hippie Bedspread

Hippie bedspread – Long after the 60’s, ideas the hippie movement is still inspiring. Not only that, but the hippie look is fashionable, which means that many pieces can be bought from the shelf.  Transform your children’s room back in time with a hippie bedspread theme. Completed with walls to accessories do incorporate things like peace signs, pearls, flowers and bright colors the room stands out.

With a few ideas, you can create a 60’s-themed hippie bedspread your child will love and her friends will envy. So, make your own tie-dye bedding by buying a basic white duvet and the set of layers. Tie-dye kits are available at most craft stores. And you can color bedding in your bathtub or an oversize bucket outdoors. Tie-dye bedding sets are also available online. Other ideas include peace signs or flower power linens.

Alternatively you can go with solid, lightweight bedding set and use accent pads. Find hippie, car or van-shaped pillowcases, lavish peace sign or neon plush animals must be placed on the bed to accented lacquered bedding. Smiley face hippie bedspread also works well. Add a few tiework plantation owners and a few strings of beads to complete the look. The end.

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