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Making Mint Green Comforter Set

Mint green comforter set back is traditionally made with basic lightweight muslin or other lining fabric, especially for padding bonds, tablets and other home accessories. Switch the covers, however, usually with fabrics of the same type and style and complement the blanket top. It can be designed to be a second top cover and not a backing at all. Decorative prints and art designs on fabric can be used to express your creativity and make the rug reversible as well.


Make two pillow tops, one of which will be used as a base mint green comforter set. If a top is made of patchwork or printed fabric, the other should be plain fabric in one of the color shades in blocks or presses. The combination of patchwork or printed fabric on one side with plain fabric on the other will accentuate the seams and result in an attractive reversible quilt. Select a quilting template that works for both tops.

Mark a scrap piece of the mint green comforter set top fabric and wash it to see the fabric marker not bleed but wash out. If necessary, change cursors. Place the quilting template on the main quilt top and trace patterns across the entire surface. Place the blanket top that is used for the base down on a large flat surface. Smooth the fabric and place tape on all four corners and in several places on top and sides. Put the wad on top and even from the center to the sides. Put the main quilt upper right side up and level and tighten all layers approximately every 12 inches and center with the T-pins.

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