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Making Royal Blue Comforter Set

Royal blue comforter set – Give your quilt’s new life a decorative duvet cover that enhances your room design. Whether it is used to protect patchwork or just to extend the life and function of the quilt, a cover is easy to do. Make your duvet cover of sheet or tablecloth utilize their wide fabric and help mix the covered quilt in the existing decor. With the wide range of designer plates and tableware available today, you are sure to find the perfect fabric for your project.

Measure the comforter. Add an inch to both width and length measurements for royal blue comforter set front dimensions. Lay 1 cm to width measurement and 18 inches to length measurement for the duvet cover back dimensions. Cut the duvet cover front from a sheet, cut all existing hems from the sheet. Cut the duvet cover back from the second sheet. Begin by and maintain the wide top seam at one end. Cut back in the middle, two pieces, across the middle, from side to side.

Sew royal blue comforter set, home the back half, missing the wide top home by folding under half an inch to the wrong side of the fabric twice to enclose the raw edge, and stitches close to the open edge, side by side, sew the seam in place. Lay cover on the front of a flat surface right side up. Place the back half with wide stitch on the top of the front, right side together that matches the outer edges on the bottom and sides and with the wide hem towards the center.

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