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May 20, 2020 Maple

Maple Hardwood Flooring Fact

Maple hardwood flooring – Wood floors can increase your home’s value and add a completely different look and feel from the carpet. Maple is just one type of hardwood floors available. Before choosing maple, consider its color, qualities and characteristics. Many homeowners are turning to hard floor for the beauty and the value they add to a home. These are just a few benefits of wood floors bring, however. Of the many options available to choose from, maple and red oak stand out as two popular choices.


The color of maple hardwood flooring varies with the type of wood. Heartwood looks creamy white to light reddish brown, and sapwood look pale to creamy white. The grain in the wood has a subdued, closed look, with an occasional patterns, knot or figure. Maple Flooring Manufacturers of America explains that there are three different grades of northern hard maple flooring. The maximum score is handpicked to limit the variations in the wood. The second class, and the most popular, showing a more natural wood look and contains more variants. The third class has the highest level of variation but has the same structural integrity as the first two grades.

Characteristics, Maple is very durable; for example Bella Wood solid maple hardwood flooring carries a 50 year warranty. Although Maple’s hard to say, it will not split when nailed. However maple often not uniformly colored.

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