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February 15, 2021 Subway

Mirrored Subway Tiles: Light and Timelessness!

More than 100 years ago, they surprised world from walls of New York subway. So much, that immediately jumped to interior decoration. And today, they are still a perfect bet. Style, light and timelessness. With mirrored subway tiles color we can obtain a very interesting honeycomb effect . As you all know, there are many possibilities offered by this type of finishes. Its design and neutrality of black and white will give us a lot of game when it comes to decorating.

If you still had doubts, surely you have already found a perfect option for you within this trend. Be it famous mirrored subway tiles, hexagonal tiles, a grid effect or vice versa … surely you cannot resist perfection of geometric shapes for your floors and walls. With simple detail so graphic and visual, we get very bright spaces, modern and full of style. Well, I’m sure they look great.

A column of mirrored subway tiles makes sink part stand out. This bathroom is small and yet tile has been chosen in gray. Painting rest of white bath, you can afford it. And a detail! Paste for joints has same color as tile to give a continuity effect without losing volume. I like them all too … I would not know how to choose!  Do not you remember how typical sheet of pictures ready to be decorated? Which option did you like most?

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