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April 3, 2020 Backsplash

Modern Metal Tile Backsplash House

Metal Tile Backsplash – The house is no longer just a haven for its inhabitants, but also shows the character and achievement of life or prestige. House of the Light luxury house by the architect of Jakarta, E & U, is a perfect example of a house that became the pride of its owner. Located in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, this house features panoramic views of the hill and surroundings. At night, this house looks glowing and soothes the soul.

This modern house uses a combination of roofing and a modern saddle roof. Consisting of two floors and a row of glass windows maximize the lighting inside the house, the use of metal tile backsplash on the floor as well as a means to enjoy the beautiful panorama on the outside. Designed carefully with uneven ground surface conditions. At first glance, this house looks mediocre. Just so you know, one characteristic of Middle Eastern architecture is the outside view is not a picture of its interior appearance.

White colour looks dominant in this house, including in the family room. White is easy to mix and match any colour, from natural brown to colourfully patterned seat cushions. The floor uses metal tile backsplash. Ceiling hanging into decorative details, as well as a marker of two different seating areas. Equipped with sliding doors of metal material to create a private space as needed.

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