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April 26, 2020 Designs

Modern White Ladder Shelf for Elegant Room Design

White ladder shelf is exactly what it seems: a shelf-like ladder steps. This is a great solution for areas that lack the space, but are ideal for use decorative feature. Typically, a bookcase and handed over up to five shelves, deeper lows, with each rack occupies a smaller footprint than the one below. In fact, depending on what you plan to put it, you can actually use the real him as a unit with the rack against the wall without opening them.

Because there will not be a lot of depth rack if you do, be sure to leave him in a room that does not get the traffic on a lot of people. It is perfect to display artwork or change the image and add interest to the corner. As an alternative, you can open the stairs. You can turn to the side and add three or four shelves you balance in parallel steps on each side. This development gives you a lot of shelf space on the spot without having to install anything. White ladder shelf is perfect for modern room theme.

If you’re concerned about the remaining white ladder shelf balanced, you can secure them easily to peace with a few screws. You need to measure the depth of the steps and the thickness of the shelf. If you buy a wooden staircase you can paint it any color you want and shelves fit. If you prefer a more modern look, go for the chrome accents instead.

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