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October 26, 2020 Mosaic

Mosaic Shower Floor Tile: Not Only Attractive!

Mosaic shower floor tile – the design of a custom bathroom, most owners choose the bathroom or shower for tile applications. There is nothing wrong with the application of tiles for both the bathroom and the shower, but you have to be careful with the design of the shower in a way and the bathroom in another way. This could lead to a jarring mess. You should also be careful to incorporate too many tiles. Layers of tiles from top to bottom is not necessary and can be unpleasant to the aesthetic view for future owners.

Mosaic shower floor tile is not only attractive, but also serve a practical purpose. The three options for bathroom floors are carpets, tiles and hardwood. Carpet, when wet, can lead to mold formation. Wood floor, unless protected and maintained regularly, can rot over time with excessive exposure to moisture, which makes tiles, whether glass, porcelain or stone, the most practical option because it is low maintenance and can withstand excessive exposure to moisture.

Mosaic shower floor tile imitate the design of the bathroom tiles. For example, if travertine is used in the shower, travertine should be used on the floor. The design of the shower and the bathroom should reflect the design of the rest of the house. For example, if the overall design theme of the house is rustic Italian or old style, travertine lends itself very well to this aspect.

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