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May 7, 2020 Mosaic

Mosaic Shower Tile Prices

How much is a mosaic for the shower covering? A simple double-fired monochrome mosaic costs about 6 Euros / sqm. While the decorative mosaic shower tile are more expensive. For example, the mosaics with 3D effect geometric designs cost around 15 Euros / sqm. If you want a beautiful classic mosaic without spending a lot, there are small single-fired tiles on the market (10 x 10 or 10 x 30 cm) to be combined with decorative mosaic inserts.

The bands cost about 20 Euros / sqm, while the Greek, thinner, cost 3-4 Euros per linear meter. Porcelain stoneware mosaic shower tile are a little more expensive, but also considerably more resistant to impact and wear. Some are very original, like the mosaic fabric effect (20 Euros / sqm). Or the tiles with relief mosaic and rectified edge (price, 25 Euros / sqm).

The classic stone-effect mosaic tiles, on the other hand, cost around 30 Euros / sqm. And the traditional mosaic shower tile in marble, natural stone or glass? For these valuable coverings it is difficult to go below 100 Euros / sqm. Indeed, the price can go up considerably for the precious marble. Remember, the mosaic must be the focal point of the bathroom. If the coverings of the bathroom are already decorated or the mosaic wall is not well visible, better to give up.

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