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October 2, 2020 Oak

Mossy Oak Bedding Shared Room

Mossy oak bedding – Choosing linens for the siblings of the opposite sex sharing a room can be difficult. Pattern is another factor you have to consider. But by focusing on color and pattern elements which they can share, you can create a bed arrangement that pleases them both.

Striped Bedding

Stripes are suitable for both boys and girls, and can be used in mossy oak bedding, when sharing a room. Use striped bedding in gender-neutral colors such as yellow, orange or green. Alternatively, choose the same striped pattern, but uses a feminine color like pink or purple on the girl’s bed and a more boyish color bright red or blue on the other bed. Even if you use different colors, the stripes will unify the look.

Solid Color Bedding

Select gender-neutral colors for solid color mossy oak bedding. Pick bright, vivid hues such as orange, lemon yellow or lime green or more subtle colors such as beige. Black and white also works. Give both the boy and girl the same litter. Or use plain litter, but let the siblings pick their own colors. Patterned bedding does not have to be flowers for girls and fire trucks for boys. Add the mossy oak bedding or select a color in two patterns. You can also select a pattern in two colors.

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