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September 7, 2020 Mosaic

Nice Blue Mosaic Tile Wall Kitchen

Play with the zones and colors. You do not have to decorate the entire space with the same blue mosaic tile style, or with the same material. In fact, if you assign a color, texture or material to each area you will be able to better define the spaces, and create visual fragments without the need for physical barriers in your kitchen. So you can separate all your things without decreasing the space.

The decoration with mosaics is not only to place the colorful paintings on the wall and to combine them with the colors. It can also be used to highlight some simple elements that would otherwise go unnoticed in the decoration. Such is the case of the boundaries that have been framed with blue mosaic tile in this example. If you want to add mosaics with complex textures to your kitchen .

But you do not want it to look rustic; you can combine the texture with smooth surfaces. In this example, not only are they combined, but the walls are contrasted. Blue mosaic tile do not have to be the focal point of the design. In fact, they can be a very good complement for the areas that are attached to your kitchen, such as the walls or the bar. So you can highlight that it is a separate space, but that is related to it.

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