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Notice the Storage Container for Easy Identification

Storage container – Using boxes is a great way to organize, but it can be counterproductive if you end up forgetting what is in them. It is important to select the storage container with information about what is inside so you can easily identify bin contents without tearing apart everything you have packed away. Although sorting and labeling things for storage is time consuming initially, it will save you time and energy in the future when you need to access the things you stored

Organize the contents of storage container. Try to have a theme for each tray so you do not need to write a long list on the label. For example, instead of filling a container with “John’s clothes” sort clothes in seasons, with a bin for “John’s winter sweaters” and another for “John’s summer shorts.” This means that you do not need rummage through a container of mixed things to find something specific. Decide how to save paper baskets. This will determine where you select the bin because you want the labels to be easily visible.

Using permanent marker, write the contents of each bin on the belt. It may be easier to write with the band is still on the roll. You can do this in a long strip or in several bands depending on how you want to view the contents. Tear off the tape and affix it to the storage container. Remember to place the band in the appropriate place according to how you arrange the bins so that the clear label facing outward.

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