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Oak Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Oak kitchen cabinets – A glass banking wheel combined with oak cabinets give a contemporary look and slightly modern the kitchen. Take a more formal or informal air to choose accessories and appliances. The addition of other colors to the kitchen help to complete the look. Ideas for kitchens with oak cabinets and glass banking wheel include lighting methods.

The light and colors of the natural glass and oak kitchen cabinets combine well with walls in lighter shades. Paint the walls in a neutral tone, like cream, as well as the kitchen appears larger. Cool tones such as green sea foam or baby blue bring an aspect of calm and relaxation. If you prefer a sportier look, choose shades citrus such as lime green or yellow. Dark colors like hunter green and navy blue, give the kitchen a more traditional look.

When the kitchen design is made based on oak kitchen cabinets and glass wheel stand, choose a bench that is clear or very dark. The black granite creates a border around the glass, making it the focus of the room. Have white or gray countertops blend with the background, causing the wheel stand and the bench appear to be one large space in the kitchen.

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