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May 18, 2020 Cedar

Outside Cedar Playhouse for Children

Cedar playhouse – An external playhouse is a good way to get your kids out of the house and away from video games so that they will use their imagination and get more exercise than just finger gestures. Work with your children to build their outer playhouse, and you will get to bond with your children during the construction process

Determine the cedar playhouse will be placed. Choose a location easily visible from space or area of the home where you or your spouse spend the most time. You want to play house around your house so that you can hear or watch your children when they play. Scoop out an 8-meter by 8-meter square where you want to place playhouse. Dig a flat surface about six inches deep. Use a level to ensure the dug-out area is still everywhere. Build an 8-meter by 8-meter wooden frame from the 12-inch wide wood pieces. Mix several lots of concrete and pour them into wooden frame.

Cut four plywood pieces measuring 8 feet by 6 meters, while you wait. Use a chainsaw to cut the door and window openings of the plywood pieces. Reserve cut-out pieces to be used as doors or shutters. When the concrete is dry, hang the four plywood pieces to make the outer walls playhouse. Construct rafters from the 2-inch by 4-inch pieces. Attach hinges and locks for openings and cutouts to create window covers and doors. Paint the outside of the cedar playhouse or leave your kids to paint it. Be sure that they are wearing old clothes before you turn them loose with paint.

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