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February 12, 2020 Cabinet

Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet Extra

Over the toilet storage cabinet – Looking for a little extra storage space in your bathroom? One of the bathroom cabinet is a good fit. You can buy one or build this beauty for yourself in just one afternoon.

The bathroom over the toilet storage cabinet is the classic repository for toilet paper, rarely used medicines and cosmetics, and even beauty appliances such as hair curlers and hair dryers. Adding a bathroom cabinet over the toilet can significantly improve the overall look of the bathroom and remove debris that inevitably arise in a bathroom. This box can be easily adjusted to suit any bathroom space and can be made of a variety of materials based on appearance and cost. This design features an enclosed storage compartment and an open shelf in the cabinet for more storage.

Instructions over the toilet storage cabinet with set two half-by-6-by-24-inch side boards with its longer, narrower sides of the canvas, in parallel with each other. Lower half-by-18-by-24 inches behind the board and adjusting the boards until the edges on the outside of the side sills line up with the outer edges of the rear board, and the ends of all three boards are even. Use a drill to make evenly spaced screw holes through the rear board and directly into the side boards. Space the holes was 8 inches and fill the holes with a 1-inch wood screws firmly.

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