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February 9, 2020 Designs

How to Paint a Stairwell with Adjustable Ladder

Adjustable ladder – Painting the wall of the stairwell requires the use of a special staircase with extendable legs. There are many kinds of stair designs, so it is preferable to plan the process before you start painting. If the wall has a handrail, then you will need to use masking tape to cover it. You can use a mini roller to paint the space between the wall and the handrail.

The height of the adjustable ladder to be used will depend on the height of the wall of the opening. If there is a window in this wall, then you must take into consideration that it will be necessary to paint around this one. Read more instructions

1) Place masking tape on the edge of the stairs on the side of the wall. Keep the tape line straight along the rises and steps. Place tape along the edges of the ladder rest if you have one. Looses the outer edge of the tape. 2) Press the masking tape to hold the paper in place. 3) Locate the staircase in A on the top of the stairwell. 4) Climb to the ladder at A and mark the wall from the angle of the ceiling of the stairwell to the point of this angle that is directly above the first step. Paint as far as you can reach and then down the adjustable ladder and mark the angle of the wall and above the floor or the base. Mark means painting a straight line around the edges of the perimeter of the wall.

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