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Pattern Paisley Bedspreads Bedding

Paisley bedspreads – Paisley is a very high quality cotton fabric, the lacquer is woven from a long-felt and combed yarn to give an extra soft and cool surface. Paisley is a classic but playful pattern, available in two different color settings, beige and blue. Matches with single-colored satin underlays for optimal feel. The paisley pattern is a drop-shaped motif that is believed to have originated in either Persia (modern Iran) or India.

It is pattern kidney-shaped and something resembles a big bowl or a twisted drop-shaped. Patterns paisley bedspreads have been a popular decor motif for decades. Prior to their use in home decor, paisley was a much-loved motif in the fashion world, starting with its introduction to Western Europe centuries ago from Central and Southeast Asia.

Add some wealth to your bedroom with paisley bedspreads. Because there is so much of this motive to go around, keep the rest of your room simple and clean. Restoration Hardware Italian Block Paisley Bedding is in a word amazing. Subdued tones and a whirling motif make this bedding really chic. Elegant and discreet, the “Coral Beach” Paisley Bedding from Lauren by Ralph Lauren is perfect for a sunny, well-lit room. The end.

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