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Pattern Peacock Bedspread Duvet Cover

Peacock bedspread – If you love the elegant, iridescent, vibrant colors found in the beautiful veneer of peacocks, then a peacock bedspread duvet cover can be your dream bed cover. Even when you put another spin on the colors of recognizable peacock feathers or even the whole bird itself, the peacock is one of Mother Nature’s most amazing and unique designs.

While a peacock pattern cannot be one of the most common bedspreads bedding patterns you will come across, this pattern is out there if you know where to look for it. Dwell Studio makes two artistic pattern peacock bedspread duvet covers, Peacock Citrine Duvet Set and Peacock Dove Duvet Set. The Peacock Citrine Duvet Set has colorful turquoise peacock’s shoemaker among the flowering branches against a bright yellow background.

This luxury peacock bedspread duvet is made with 400 thread count cotton satin fabric, with hidden button fencing and French-back shams. The Peacock Dove Duvet Set is equipped with the same design as Citrin set with a different color scheme. The peacocks are light brown against a white background and the trees have light blue leaves with small white and orange flowers. Both sets include duvet and pillow shams and start at $ 310 for a queen.

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