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January 28, 2020 Designs

Perfect Diy Rolling Library Ladder Installation

Rolling library ladder – If you have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf at home and you want to make it easier on yourself to reach top of bookcase, one option is to install a rolling ladder. Install a ladder pole across front of bookcase, about 6 inches from shelves and 7 feet from ground. Ladder poles comes packed with all necessary hardware to install; all you have to do is drill in screws to hold it in place. Place two 7-foot wooden planks about 2 feet apart. Boards must be approximately 3 inches wide and one inch thick. Use pine or whatever tree you prefer.

Place a 2-foot 1-by-3 wooden plank to two long posts, perpendicular to posts and 1 foot away from edge of post, to create first step. Attach this paragraph by drilling a 1.5-inch screw from outside of post to edge of plank. Secure all other steps for posts in same way as first; steps should be a foot apart for a total of five stages. Sand down entire rolling library ladder until wood is smooth.

Apply wood finish or paint ladder to match your cabinets. Install a hook bracket for each record of one end of ladder, about 3 inches from edge. Hook brackets sold with all necessary hardware for installation. Install a wheel bracket with supplied hardware to each post on opposite end of rolling library ladder so that wheels stick out about 3 inches from bottom.

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