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October 16, 2020 Cabinet

Perfect DVD Storage Cabinet by Montel

DVD storage cabinet – Pull-Out Use of incorrect storage systems audio, video and electronic media such as CD, DVD, discs, tapes, DVDs, HD and video tapes VHS / Beta is inefficient and inconvenient. To organize these elements correctly, you need multimedia cabinets Montel. Each of these specially designed products is a unit-independent set can also be mounted on mobile systems Montel truck to increase its capacity. The media, however, provides only extractable horizontal drawer. In any case, make management simpler and more efficient audiovisual materials, are you haven’t DVD storage cabinet? May you interested with this storage.

12 removable drawers in the cabinet slide closed structure without open and closed issues, granting access to storage elements-at the same time ensure that every corner of the storage space can be used. To further, meet your needs that can be close for security reasons, confidentiality and so on. The shelves are adjustable in intervals of less than one inch, and as a result, you can customize each cabinet for storage elements of your choice. Regardless of its media format audio, video and electronic original or backup is, Mixmedia can make room for them. You can use some storage as DVD storage cabinet. For businesses, institutions, archive centers and other environments seeking to keep large amounts of audio, visual and electronic, without taking too much room, this cabinet has the answer.

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