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Wide Plank Pine Flooring – A Great Flooring Choice

May 24, 2020 Pine

Pine Nightstand Bedroom

Pine nightstand – Redecorating a room doesn’t always require the purchase of new furniture. After you change the curtains and the main wall colors, high gloss laminate makeover your bedroom, rather than replacing it. The standard laminate bedroom set usually consists of a bed frame, headboard and dresser, and a nightstand or two. Easily make these elements in a variety of ways, depending on the decor of the room and how much work you are planning to put into the room.

Disassemble the bedroom set to complete the painting. Remove the mattress and sprung from the room and remove the bed frame and headboard. Clear away the tops of the dresser and pine nightstand, and remove the drawers and everything within them. Sand the surfaces of each gloss laminate record with a fine grit sand paper before coating with a thin layer of primer. Complete with wall paint color and finish of your choice – both flat and semi gloss will work, depending on the effect you want. Let the paint dry overnight before re-assembly furniture.

Two makeover dresser and pine nightstand by upgrading drawer pulls. Remove the existing drawer pulls by loosening them with a screwdriver. Install new knobs or pulls purchased from your local home improvement or antique shop in the existing holes, then secure with screws from the other side.

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