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June 1, 2020 Cherry

Pleasure Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Cherry hardwood flooring – Taking off when arriving home is not only a pleasure: it is also healthy, because we release all the static electricity we have accumulated during the day, especially if we wear shoes with rubber soles. In my house we always leave the shoes at the entrance, a habit very hygienic and habitual in other countries.

To walk barefoot or to sit on the floor with the children, surely there is no floor more comfortable than the cherry hardwood flooring. Floating parquet, it is called that because it is neither glued nor nailed to the ground. The face that is not seen, the one that is not stepped and is underneath, is supported on a membrane that can be of neoprene, gomaespuma or similar. Thus, it remains “floating” at the same time as it acts as an insulator.

Cherry hardwood flooring has the advantage of fast installation since it does not need large works and can be placed on the previous pavement, as long as it is flat. Its price is also advantageous with respect to the stage. The blond woods are elegant and never go out of style. The most sustainable is always to use materials from nearby sources, in this case, European woods, for example: chestnut, cherry, beech, oak or pine.

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