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March 7, 2021 Duvet

Popular Design DIY Duvet Cover

DIY duvet cover – If your bedroom looks boring, a way to change the look of your bed is to slide your existing duvet into a duvet cover. When you make your own duvet cover, you can choose a patterned fabric that fits your style. With a duvet cover in place, your bedroom will look new again. And an envelope or sham-style duvet cover can be quickly removed and washed if spillage occurs.

Ideas for DIY duvet cover spread your existing spokesman on a flat surface. Measure the width and length of the spokesman. Add 4 inches to measurement width. Then add 20 inches to measure the length. Choose a wide fabric that is at least as wide as your width plus the 4 inches. Have the fabrics cut to the length you need from step 1 and trim the width needed to get it to the width needed. This should leave you with a long rectangular piece of fabric. Fold in each of the width edges to the back of the fabric with 1 inch.

Spread the fabric right side upwards on a flat surface. Fold the fabric over both width ends and pull seamed edges towards each other to meet in the middle, similar to how a daily view is folded. Smooth the fabric flat and adjust the rough edges on both sides. Pin down on both sides of the fabric to hold the bottom of the fabric to the edges of the folded in portions. Then for DIY duvet cover, sew down on both sides of the cover ½ inch from the edge with a straight stitch. Then remove pins as you go.

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