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March 17, 2020 Ladder

Practical Menards Ladders Design

Menards ladders are a convenient addition and easy to use for the home. Stairs make the attic available more easily for storage or to maintain installed attic devices (air conditioning, oven, hot water tank, etc.). One drawback is the roof panel for the drop ladders may be unsightly.

The most obvious way to hide the ceiling panel from the menards ladders is to apply a layer of popcorn acoustic ceiling paint that matches the ceiling. Stair drop panels often have a wooden frame around the opening. Waiving this frame will leave a small space between the ceiling and the panel. Painting on the panel with acoustic popcorn paint will allow the wood panel to blend the ceiling panel into the surrounding finish.

Although the initial menards ladders installation is expensive, many owners install fake light insulation ceilings. This reduces the ceiling a few inches, but reduces the size of the room and reduces the costs of climate control. The installation of the stairs behind the false ceiling completes the concealment. As with the closet, however, it means that every time you access the attic you will need to remove some ceiling panels, but this is not difficult. The insulated panels weigh less than a pound each, and can be easily removed and replaced.

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