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August 22, 2020 Pine

Preparing Install Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty Pine Paneling – Knotty pine paneling gives rooms a rustic look and old world charm. By installing pine panels, you can change the look of your room in a short period of time. When choosing pine panels, stay away from very cheap, low-end and artificial wood panels because your walls may look artificial. Putting pine wood on the walls to yourself will save you money. The average homeowner can do the work themselves. Instructions: Locate the studs in your wall by using an electronic stud finder. Locate the studs on the wall by using an electronic beam detector.

Place a vertical mark when locating each stud. Use the level to keep the lines as straight as possible. Mark the horizontal line about a half inch above the floor. Mark a horizontal line about a half inch above the ground. With your pencil, mark all the way around the knotty pine paneling wall with one level to make sure your line is straight. Measure from the pencil mark you just made up to the ceiling. Measure the pencil mark you just made to the ceiling.

Transfer this measurement to the back of the pine wood. It is important to measure the wall for each piece of liner you are hanging. Cut the panning along the line you made. Cut the panels along the line you have made. Apply panel adhesive in wavy lines across the back of the knotty pine paneling.

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