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Proper Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers – Storing food properly prolongs its durability while preventing waste. Food is stored in a pantry, freezer or refrigerator, depending on the type of food and how long you plan to save it. Not only proper storage to help ensure the quality of your food, but also retains the flavor. Airtight containers not only keep food fresh, but also prevent pests from infesting stored products. Glass containers works best for storage in which the pests cannot chew through these, as they may be plastic or paper bags or pouches. Repackage dried food that comes in bags of flour or dried beans and grains, in pest containers.

Freezer burn ruins the texture and flavor of stored foods. Moisture and cold air causes freezer burn. Store food in food storage containers sold specifically for freezer use. Remove as much air as possible from the containers before freezing. When possible, store food dries. Pat excess moisture from the surface of vegetables and meat with paper towels prior to packaging and freezing them.

A leftover attracts pests and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other disease causing organisms. Clean up spills in both the pantry and cold storage facilities as soon as you discover them. Wipe the outside of the containers, especially those containing liquid items before placing them in the freezer or refrigerator. Cleaning of containers removes any dripping or food debris from the outside, and it is easier to clean the room temperature food storage containers, than it is to clean up a frozen waste in the freezer.

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