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February 3, 2020 Redwood

Redwood Modular Homes are Very Popular

Redwood modular homes – Surely you already hear about prefabricated houses or modular homes that exist today in market. This interesting typology of housing construction offers a great variety of materials available for its materialization, among which steel and concrete are very popular. But do you know that there is option of a modular wooden house? What is final aspect of these prefabricated houses? If you want to have a home in this material, but with a very well-kept and finished current design, prefabricated wooden houses can be a very interesting option.

Redwood modular homes do not have to look like mountain cabins. On contrary, they can look very sophisticated in design. In addition, from combination with other noble materials such as granite or steel, you can obtain pleasant and quality spaces. House is built in modules that are adapted directly to needs of each client’s habitability and solving each of their needs efficiently. Production times are much lower than on-site construction.

On other hand, redwood modular homes offer a housing alternative with a lower price than traditional construction. Manufacturing and transfer system for assembly, offers an economy and efficiency that translate directly into savings for customer. With a suitable parcel urbanistically for this use, you could move comfortably and in a very short time with this construction system.

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