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September 23, 2020 Cabinets

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Refacing kitchen cabinets is simply a complete renovation work finishing process and is sometimes all you need to do to fix the surface. Complete repainting involves completely stripping, sanding and re-staining the wood. Re-varnishing alone is only a matter of blunting the old varnish surface enough to accept new paint, then apply several coats of varnish, leaving intact the old stain. This should not change the look of the box, but will boost the brightness.

Refacing kitchen cabinets set up your vibration pad sander with sandpaper grain 150. Sand the entire surface of the furniture, which goes in the direction of the wood grain. Buff off the brightness of the old varnish completely but do not try to sand down the wood. Use tack cloth to remove dust.

Refacing kitchen cabinets apply a coat of varnish, starting at the top of each cabinet and work your way down. Brush with the direction of the wood grain. Make the thin uniform layer. Let dry overnight. Hand sand the varnished surface very lightly with sandpaper grit 300, enough to dull the brightness so that the next layer sticking. Wipe with tack rags. Brush in a second layer of varnish. Let’s hand sand, then a third coat to dry.

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