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Regulations on Ships Ladder

Ships ladder is a certain style of stairs from the beginning used on ships. As ships have limited deck space, had the ship builders to design stairs with unusually steep slopes. These stairs became known as the ship stairs or ladders ship.

General provisions

When a ships ladder extends longer than 6 feet, all employees who will be working on that ladder to get training in how to inspect and use the stairs properly. On a ship ladder used to climb from one level to another, cross beam must cover at least 3 feet above the level, or be equipped with a rapid train for easier access.

A ships ladder must be able to support at least two loads of 250 pounds (115) each in two steps. Steps must also be able to support the additional weight due to ice build-up, rigging and influence. The center of each tread pattern must support a single concentrated load 250 pounds (115 kg). The rungs of a ship’s ladder must be evenly spaced and parallel. The rungs must be at least 6 inches and not more than 12 inches apart. Steps must be at least 16 inches wide between the cross member.

A ships ladder must have toe clearance of 7 inches unless the work requires a smaller clearance; 4.5 inches is the absolute minimum allowed. The distance between the ship’s ladder and obstacles on the climbing side must be at least 30 inches. If an obstacle is unavoidable, the clearance must be at least 24 inches and a device to divert the climbers around the obstacle must be used.

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