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August 9, 2020 Other

Rubbermaid Storage Shed Assembly Instructions

Rubbermaid storage – Rubbermaid manufactures durable plastic items, ranging from kitchen food storage containers for outdoor lawn and garden sheds. Rubbermaid storage sheds fade -, weather – and dent -resistant and should never need painting. One piece roof structure resists water leaks, keep your items dry and in good condition. The Rubbermaid storage shed also comes with a full floor, which is a premium in some other shelter kits, even if you have to buy shelving for your barn separately.

Rubbermaid storage shed assembly instructions, Choose a site for your barn that is fairly level, as rough terrain will affect the functionality of the roof and door panels. Make sure your chosen site also has good drainage to prevent water intrusion in your stable in the wet. Stand roof panel and the right wall panel on their sides next to each other.  Slide the roof in the side panel until it clicks into place. A position to the left side wall panel in turn and align the pins on the left side of the roof panel with the slots in the top of the panel. Slide the roof into the panel until it clicks into place.

Rubbermaid storage shed assembly instructions, Turn back wall panel so that the inside of the panel is facing up.  Slide the rear panel in the roof panel until it locks into place. Move panel floor so that the inside of the panel facing roof. Slide the floor panel into the grooves at the bottom of each side panel. Slide the panel down until it comes into contact with the back wall. Stand the shed upright.

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