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Shoe Cupboard for Hallway in Apartment

Shoe cupboard for hallway – I have a small hallway shoe rack in the hallway next to the wall. So far, no one complained. When the neighbors below me are when visitors arrive, the shoes and back. I think it’s a major hurdle. The lady on the ground floor even has a foot locker shoe, because no one has ever objected. The recently proved possibly times as an obstacle, when I got new furniture. As I said that the decision taken and it this afternoon in the apartment. Otherwise, it does not bother anyone.

Who has a small apartment with no shoe cupboard for hallway or very little storage space should not be moved shelf promptly every day in the hallway or on the stairs outside the apartment. This also applies to shoes, clothes or umbrellas.

Basically, a runner is not intended to give individual residents more space. Exceptions are only possible if these terms expressly agreed by all owners of the house “it has Halle Meier points out that even with a permitted use of stairs or running, freedom of movement, for example, people with a short should not be affected.

Here they are collectively owned land, which should not be used without restrictions by individual tenants. It is irrelevant whether it is rented or owned “Halle Meier refers to a case where an owner had even put a shoe cupboard for hallway outside his apartment.

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