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March 24, 2020 Cabinets

Simple but Antique Jelly Cabinet

Jelly cabinet – In general, multiple wood and athletic, shallow platform for realization of assets in jar, jar jelly cabinets were a perfect storage solution for cook of 19th century they were modeled as simple designs more finished look, and finished units can range from a few open shelves in legs with large front doors built with tin inserts. Over drilled more than a couple of centuries, at least since 1800, these additions useful site were more comfortable in kitchen, but sometimes also they settled in dining room, especially if space was a problem.

Jelly cabinet changed over years to do double duty as a tea and spice cabinets, and sometimes drawers including board. Shelves in some cases become deeper and distance between a bit “wider shelves until it could easily store a variety of dried and stored products such as pie occasionally, muffins, tea and spices and preserved.

Today, jelly cabinet antique can sell $ 6,000 or more, depending on their age, size and condition. As pieces of history, they are a characteristic thing of time in which mass canned and families, food stored for long winter season. From point of view of design, these cabinets are sized to fit scale of many modern kitchens and family rooms.

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