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November 2, 2020 Accessories

Simple Cheap DIY Home Decor

Simple Cheap DIY Home Decor – Paint the coffee table, it is not as complicated as it seems. Buy wood paint and a brush. If your table surface damage, grind first and then paint it with several layers of waterproof paint. Choose any color you want, and get to work. To give it a personal touch, draw stripes of different colors or paint the table in the example Black and white drawing over coffee cups and plates. You will give the room a personal touch, as well as get a unique piece of furniture.

Simple cheap DIY home decor with old cans for build new vase, you do not throw an empty canister. Use it to make your own flower vase. Paint it red, green or white, draw a flower or just a few lines of it and you have your own vase. If you do not want to paint it, place a small piece of sand or small pebbles on the bottom of it to make it more interesting. Old cans can be useful in a bathroom too. Fill them with tiny soaps in different colors or with layers of colored sea salt and place them on a bathroom shelf.

Simple cheap DIY home decor with wear cotton napkins with your initials on them, Use the ones you already have or buy them cheaply at a supermarket, a-dollar stores or online. Choose a color and sew your initials on the bottom of each of them. To add even more elegance to your dinner, make your own napkin rings. Wrap plastic tape around a rolled napkin, tie the ribbon into a knot and makes the ends of the strap coil by placing the bond between a blades of the scissors and thumb and pull the scissors away from the knot and against you. Your guests will be impressed.

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