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November 16, 2020 Tools

Very Simple Chicken Feeder Diy

Chicken feeder diy – Invite your friends with feathers to your garden this summer and in all seasons, with these seven bird feeders that you can build from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, milk cartons or pieces of wood. Recycle a bottle of soda. Cut small holes through which the branches that will hold it in the tree. Fill the bottle with birdseed, turn the lid to close, and then hang the bird feeder. This will create a place for birds to eat peacefully.

Adapting a carton of milk or juice is simple chicken feeder diy: simply cut windows or holes of the same size on three sides of the box, leaving 3 cm of separation from the bottom. Then make two holes in the top and one with a thread that is resistant hang it from a tree.

Any wooden board can serve to make a tray that will feed the birds, as if forming a drawer: get hammer, nails and a sheet to lay as floor, this will make when there is sunlight, the feeder flashes and draws attention Of the birds.  Many people are not familiar with floppy disks, but these are good for making walls and forming a bucket to build a bird or chicken feeder diy. You’ll need silicone and an applicator gun to stick the corners, plus some tape to reinforce the box.

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