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January 20, 2020 Other

Size Hot Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks – A hot water storage tank holds water as the heat pump water heater heats up. The capacity of the tank is the amount of water it has gallon. Its rating is the amount of water in liters; the heater can deliver per hour. How much the heater can heat depends on the heat source – burner or element – and the size of the burner or element. Correct dimensionless / choosing the right hot water storage tank for your home depends on how many gallons of water you use.

Size hot water storage tanks, Appreciate your peak demand hours. Peak hour is an hour; your household uses the most hot water. When the total peak hour demands, ensure you the total number of liters of water used by all persons in your household in that moment. The Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living provides a spreadsheet that provides the average number of gallons used per task as shaving, hand washing, cooking and dishwasher use, among others.

Multiply the average liters of water per use with how many times it’s used. This result in the number of gallons per hour is used. For example, a shower 20 liters per hour. If there are three people using the shower in one hour, you would multiply 20 by three to get 60 liters used per hour. Carry out this calculation for each use of hot water for that hour. Add up the gallons used per hour to get your peak hour rating.  Select hot water storage tanks size is within 1 or 2 liters of your peak demand hours.

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